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Welcome to Cumbuco's own commercial weather station which is located right above the beach in front of our apartment hotel building. Many meteorological institutions and agencies read our weather information and incorporate them into their database to create the most accurate forecast.
Below you find the Cumbuco weather, wind speed (displayed in knots), the wind direction, air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall rate (and the time it rained), the Cumbuco weather forecast, cloud height, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, the state of the moon, Cumbuco's tide values (not those from Ceara Bar or Fortaleza which are usually published for Cumbuco), the history of all those values and many more information.
The Cumbuco weather information is updated onto the server every 5 minutes. It automatically refreshes every 5 minutes to show the latest weather information. Just leave the page open and you will always be up to date.



Cumbuco Weather Conditions


Cumbuco Weather






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Cumbuco Weather Forecast

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Please click here for Cumbuco's tide values.




Please note that we don't take guarantee of accuracy.